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A former MLB All-Star, Whiskey Writer & Businessman Come Together to Debut the First Black-Owned Whiskey Brand from Texas


Denison, TX (April 19, 2021) The team behind Grayson Texas Blended Bourbon is delighted to announce its official debut in its home state of Texas, as the first black-owned whiskey brand to come from the region. Co-founded by native Texan, Author and Craft Spirits Professional Nico Martini, Former MLB three-time All-Star Vernon Wells, and Private Equity Investor Brandon Davis, this trio came together to create a whiskey that captures the boldness of Texas while paying homage to the Lone Star State.

Partnering with award-winning distilleries, Ironroot Republic, Lone Elm Whiskey, and Balcones, they have created a distinct blended bourbon, using three bold whiskies to create one wholly Texas spirit. “I have accomplished a lot in my life but being able to break the race barrier as the first black owned whiskey brand in Texas is one, I am most proud of,” says Vernon Wells, who off the field established himself as a successful investor in the wine and television production industries, as well as a whiskey aficionado.

“We all wanted to create a whiskey that pushed boundaries and honored the great state of Texas and the people behind the brand,” says Nico Martini. “But we also knew there were people far better at making whiskey than we ever will be, so we decided why not work with the best? Therefore, partnering with Ironroot was a no brainer. This is our way of showing the world what an amalgamation of the best whiskies in Texas can be. We’re awfully proud of the spirits coming out of this state and are thrilled to be a part of this story with Grayson as the first Black-Owned Whiskey Brand and first Texas Blended Bourbon.”

Founded in 2014, Ironroot Republic Distillery is owned and operated by brothers Robert and Jonathan Likarish who also enlisted the help of their mother Marcia, known throughout the state as the “Mother of Texas Whiskey”. The team behind Grayson Whiskey, led by Jonathan Likarish, carefully chose single barrels that accentuated specific flavors in each distillery’s whiskey and worked with their distillery partners to hand select every barrel. The result is a harmoniously balanced blend of straight Texas whiskies from Ironroot, Lone Elm and Balcones, and is truly an authentic, one of a kind expression.

Tasting Notes include:
● Nose: Raisins, barrel-aged maple syrup, Beignet flavored coffee grounds, subtle hint of the inside of new cowboy boots, jalapeno jelly.
● Palate: Super sweet initially with syrupy waffle notes, moves into a spiced cider with allspice, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, brown butter into an almost burnt pecan, sweet wheat and fennel finish.

The inaugural Grayson Whiskey release is bottled at 59.5% ABV with a suggested retail price of $59.99 for 750ml and will be available at select retail locations across the state. Grayson Whiskey is proud to launch in its home state, giving enthusiasts and whiskey fans alike an exclusive taste of the first Texas Blended Bourbon. National rollout is slated for Summer of 2022.

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