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A Blend of Straight


Grayson is a blend of straight Texas whiskeys. The idea from the beginning was to try to create an homage to this incredible industry and to highlight the quality of the spirits of Texas. We work with our distillery partners to hand-select every barrel that has gone into Grayson. We don't really know what we're looking for until we start looking. We've worked with 7-year-old whiskey, we've worked with 3-year-old whiskey, and everything in between. We then sought to integrate and balance the blend and the whiskey is then vatted and allowed to marry for a few months prior to bottling. With the help of some incredible friends, we hand-label every bottle and It’s a labor of love, for sure, but it’s also worth every bit of effort.

Grayson tonight, Texas forever.



The initial batch of Grayson, Batch 1, contains some of our favorite Texas distilleries, including Ironroot Republic Distilling, Balcones Distilling, and Five Points Distilling, the makers of Lone Elm Wheat Whiskey. The use of the wheat whiskey turns this batch into a high-proof wheated bourbon when incorporated with the heirloom corn whiskey from Ironroot and Balcones. While there's definitely the "Texas bite" to this bourbon, there's a subtlety to this that truly makes it one of a kind.

Raisins, barrel-aged maple syrup, Beignet flavored coffee grounds, jalapeño jelly, and a hint of the inside of new cowboy boots.

Super sweet initially with syrupy waffle notes, moves into a spiced cider with allspice, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, brown butter into an almost burnt pecan, sweet wheat, and fennel finish.



Batch 1B uses Ironroot Republic Distilling, Balcones Distilling, and Lone Elm Wheat Whiskey. There’s a strong oak character on the nose and palate with a more pronounced cinnamon spice. There’s a heaviness, reminiscent of dark maple syrup, that gives this whiskey a thick mouthfeel. There's a hearty oak flavor from this batch, giving it more of an "older" whiskey vibe.

Oak forward, ripe plum and fig, dark maple syrup, Mexican Vanilla extract

Syrup-soaked pancakes, fresh-made flan, creamy, buttery, and oaky, sweet on the initial taste with a cinnamon and fresh cracked black pepper finish. Once it breathes, you get more of the fig character with a hint of smoke.


Grayson Whiskey Batch 2A


Batch 2A was an experiment from the beginning.

We knew we loved the profile of the Ironroot Republic Distilling, Balcones Distilling, and Lone Elm Wheat Whiskey but we also wanted to see what would happen if we incorporated some column still distillate to our current pot still blend, so we've added some Ghost Hill Bourbon from our dear friends at Treaty Oak Distilling.

The nose is sugary sweet and like breakfast in a bottle, and while the palate begins with the same sweet vibe, quickly dries out.

It was amazing to see that all of the reasons to love pot still and all of the reasons to love column still whiskey layered on one another and it worked beautifully.

Cheers y’all!

It’s a pancake syrup bomb, light and buttery but filled with maple syrup and caramelized sugar with a hint of chocolate cover malt balls, black tea, nutmeg and a hint of kombucha.

Starts with barrel aged maple syrup and a hint of pineapple upside down cake, but the palate is also incredibly dry. There’s a strong oak flavor along with cedar and dark brown sugar. It’s a gentle ride with a long finish. Our favorite thing about this one is that it keeps changing. 5 minutes to open up or a drop a water and you have different whiskeys entirely.


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